Aftercare Instructions

After a permanent keratin blowdry - Looking after your hair.

- YOU MUST NOT WASH YOUR HAIR FOR 4 DAYS. If you do you will immediately affect the durability and straightness of your hair.
- Once your 4th day has passed you may shampoo your hair!
- Tigi Catwalk curlesque full range of shampoo and styling products.
- We recommend that you use global keratin Juvexin balancing shampoo and conditioner .These products help to create a shield over your blowdry to prolong its life.

Aftercare do's and don'ts!


For the first two days it is recommended you do the following...

1. Wear your hair down.

2. Wear a silk scarf to keep hair away from your face.

3. Blow dry and flat iron your hair straight if it gets wet.

4. Upon waking, you must straighten kinks away.


For the first two days don't do the following...

1. Do not wash or wet your hair.

2. Do not tie your hair into a ponytail or use hair bands.

3. Do not use hair clips or place your hair behind ears.

4. Do not use sunglasses to hold your hair back.

5. Do not use any hair products e.g. gels, sprays etc.

6. Avoid activities that may cause sweating.

After a colour - Looking after your hair.

- Always use sulphate free shampoo this reduces the stripping of colour from your hair.
- Tigi colour goddess, dumb blond, s factor colour shampoo.
- Goldwell colour enhancing shampoo and conditioners.

After a perm - Looking after your hair.

- Do not wash your hair for 48 hours. This allows your perm to settle down on its own. You may redamp use a spray in conditioner.
- Once you have passed the 48 hours, always ensure you have been recommended the most suitable shampoo , conditioner and styling products.
- Tigi Catwalk curlesque full range of shampoo and styling products.
- Tigi Bedhead, Hi curl Definition from the style shots range that boosts the curl and aids with styling of the perm.

As with most things, we strongly recommend that you use the manufacturers and salons recommendations to get the most from your colour, perm or blowdry.