Fabriq’s range of in-salon treatments and at-home products all use sophisticated blends of proteins that work with the hair’s natural keratin. This is a dream for creating stronger. healthier, more manageable hair, whatever your hair type.

There are two in-salon treatments we offer Reset and Quick Fix.

What is Reset?

Reset is a low pH protein treatment that transforms the shape, strength and condition of every hair type.

What does Reset do?

After a Reset treatment, your hair will be quick and easy to manage.

  • Softens curls and smooths
  • Strengthens and repairs
  • Protects against damage
  • Lasts for up to 4 months
  • Adds shine
  • Fights humidity

Reasons you will love Reset.

Thick hair that takes too long to style? Weak hair that doesn’t seem to grow? Frizz, waves or curls you’re not loving? Reset is perfect for you. In as little as 2 -3 hours, you’ll get results that last up to four months.

What is Quick Fix?

Quick Fix is an in-salon protein treatment that takes just half an hour, with results that last up to a month.

Define curls, tame frizz and enjoy healthy hair that's easier to manage.

Choose to Rebuild or Rehydrate.


Strengthen with softness for fine, thin, limp hair, creating semi-permanent strength with a compound of proteins to create multiple layers of repair, for luxurious results.


Adds moisture without weight for coarse, dry or damaged hair. Hydrates and repairs to nourish and rebuild, leaving hair with a silky soft finish.

Fabriq at Home

Keep your Fabriq finish longer with the help of two aftercare ranges.

The Build range is ideal for fine, thin and limp hair, while Hydrate works wonders for coarse, dry or damaged locks.

Each range contains a shampoo, conditioner and a mask to help you really get the best out of your in-salon service.

Fabriq Reset - Prices start from £189.00

Fabriq Quick Fix – Prices start from £30.00