Skin Test Policy

At Phoenix Hair we follow a responsible skin testing policy for the safety of our clients. There have been significant changes in the directives issued to us by the government, insurance companies and industry bodies around hair colouring and skin testing. These changes now mean that we have to skin test every client prior to every colour appointment. Please understand we cannot colour your hair if you have not had a skin test.

There are two options for you to choose from, our in-salon Allergy Test (AAT skin test) which is free of charge or the Colourstart Passport at a charge of £15.

What is a Colourstart Passport?

Colourstart is a ready-to-use patch test for finding out if you might be allergic to one of the ingredients, called PPD, found in most hair colourants. By carefully answering a simple set of questions, Colourstart Passport can help you decide if Colourstart is suitable for you to use. Your answers may also help you make an informed decision on whether you should avoid hair colour. Colourstart Passport stores the answers to your questions and also any pictures you have taken of your test result. This can be helpful to share with your hairdresser for future reference to avoid potentially unnecessary re-testing.

How to use Colourstart Passport


How much is Colourstart and where do I buy it?

The Colourstart Passport is £15 and can be purchased directly from Phoenix Hair.

You used to give me a Colourstart transfer for every colour service – what has changed?

Colourstart has been registered and approved by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) – subsequently we have to follow the guidelines as set out by the regulations. The test is different from the transfer test. It is supported by the Colourstart Passport. Your details are securely and confidentially held on your passport. Once you have tested with new Colourstart, subsequent colour services only require screening on your passport which could be just a couple of minutes. Potentially you could make an appointment and get your hair coloured on the same day.

My stylist said Colourstart is not suitable for me – why is that?

If you are pregnant, have active dermatitis or take immune suppressant medication you cannot test with Colourstart. You should speak to your stylist about an AAT (Allergy Alert Test) in the salon.

Why do I need a skintest?

Reactions to hair colour can be serious and even life threatening. There are strict guidelines from manufacturers, insurers, industry bodies and the MHRA around using hair colour. We endeavour to give you peace of mind so that you can safely enjoy your visits to the salon.

Why don't you test me every time?

We use screening to monitor the need for testing you before your service. If nothing has changed since your last test and we have a valid record (typically within the last 6 months) it will be OK to proceed with your service.Some manufacturer’s / insurers have recently changed their requirements and may now require an AAT test prior to every application, With Colourstart this is not necessary unless you have had changes in your screening questions.

I have been colouring my hair for years, why do I need a test?

One of the triggers for sensitivity and reactions to hair colour is exposure over time, therefore it is important we keep monitoring for your safety. Phoenix Hair are committed to your safety and use only the best products and methods for hair colouring.